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We are a small group of talented gurus with really bright ideas...
Lime Click Interactive is an innovation agency that helps companies connect people to their brand. We take a creative approach to a single passion - converting clicks to revenue.

For over 12 years, Alexander Brown, our founder and current CEO, was Acqusition Director of online marketing for multiple companies. He was looking for an agency partner that could do more than just provide a bunch of clicks; he wanted an agency that focused more on new ideas & conversions. He never found that agency—so he started his own.

LimeClick is home to a many smart, diverse, ambitious thinkers from around the planet, all with different skill sets and backgrounds: client-side marketers, tech nerds, designers, writers, programmers, software developers, and quite a few entrepreneurs.

What we do is simple. Smart. And just works. After all, a good idea is only a good idea if it works. That’s why we take time to listen and assess before we ever think about launching and deployment. This thoughtful consideration is written into the DNA of every campaign we employ. With this simple guidance, we apply it to everything we do.


As every client knows, online conversions are often moving targets. So we start by evaluating your current state from business process to technology, and then try to nail the ideal target through a blend of common sense and out-of-the-box thinking. Developing and executing this plan takes knowledge in both foundational and platform technologies. Together, they let us create the ideal solution.


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We are a small group of talented gurus with unique ideas to increase conversions...

We’re nothing if not passionate about what we do. And at the center of that is a culture that celebrates our passions and brings together thinkers from all over the world....

  • icon_01 Site DESIGN

    Core set of  development & marketing deliverables to help improve the  impact of your business....

  • icon_02 Conversion Experts

    We createexecute and manage digital campaigns centered around big-ideas and deliver results....

  • icon_03 Digital Marketing

    Our capabilities range from digital marketing to mobile applications with Responsive Web Design and robust CMS solutions....

  • icon_04 gain exposure

    We have experienced and dedicated teams focused on creating the most useful and effective sites on the web

LimeClick team Meet Our Awesome Team Leaders.
We know that client collaboration is key. That's why our clients meet directly with the ones who actually do the work, our subject matter experts....

" It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen."

John Wooden

Alexander Brown
Founder & CEo

Alexander Brown is the Founder and CEO of Lime Click Interactive. He spent much of his career as an internet marketing manager which served as excellent training for getting to the root of client needs and creating comprehensive conversion solutions.

TEch Team
Team Lead - Dinesh kumar

Dinesh has rich experience with the background of serving fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft and Google Inc. Dinesh brings in solid experience from technical support, project deliveries, and client services.

Design Team
Team Lead - Sam Jennings

A gifted designer/programmer who has a flair for producing "simply the best". Sam has enormous experience with fortune 500 companies. She is in charge of product development right from the drawing board to the launch.

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